The Box Prepper Guy

The Box Prepper Guy

What are the moments that change your life forever? Maybe it was your first kiss, your first pay cheque? When you first fell in love or got the keys to your first car? How about leaving the family home and getting your own place?

There’s one moment in life that shook the foundations and changed me, my outlook and future forever. I was handed a new born baby. Not just any baby but my Son. A small seven pound bundle of pure love.

Winning the Rat Race

Like clock work and like a million before me, I got a house, I secured a full time job and got on with it. Life was good. It was regular, safe and predictable.

Everyone knows how today’s society works? You have a job and you earn money. You spend that money to live. On bills, rent, repayments, mortgages, food, petrol, tax, clothes…… Hopefully by the time essentials are dealt with, you a have a small amount to treat yourself and your loved ones.

I was now a Father, a provider, a protector. It was my role to make sure there was food on the table and a roof over our heads. If I lost this job I knew that there was no pot of gold to fall back on. Like the other millions of people in my situation, I knew there were avenues of help and other jobs out there I could apply for to get back on my feet. So I carried on as anyone would. I got up, went to work, earned money, paid the bills.

The Shit Hit the Fan

I was about two years into this new role as a Father and something happened that was completely out of my control. There was a fuel crisis.

Petrol stations had run dry and we weren’t getting any more, any time soon. The queues of cars lined up around the block at every petrol station and it was the same all across the UK. At every town, city and village up and down the country.

This lead to public panic and the next place to see queues of people were the local supermarkets.

If we couldn’t get fuel then neither could the trucks that supply the shops.

I saw that the stores were stripped of food and water.

For the short time this affected the country it had a profound affect on the population. It had a deep seated affect on me too.

This lasted for just a couple of weeks and eased off quite quickly. The status quo had resumed and I was back to my regular routine. I got up, went to work, earned money, paid the bills.

Time to Change

I realised something that made me re-evaluate everything. The small crisis we had experienced could easily happen again. It could happen for many reasons. It could last for days, weeks, months. I knew the responsible thing to do would be to prepare ourselves for the worst.

When the shops are closed and the cars aren’t running I’ll need to have access to food and water. We’d need to have shelter and stay warm and dry. It would have to be safe, secure and defended. I decided to find out the best way to achieve this.

I read books and scoured websites. I spent hours trying to find the information I’d need that was relevant to me. I wasn’t going to be dropped in the middle of a jungle with just a knife and my wits to protect me. I wasn’t trying to single handedly rebuild society after a near extinction level event. I didn’t have access to large amounts of money to build an underground bunker. I was a man, living in a small seaside town in the UK looking to take care of my family.

Lessons Learnt

There were common themes that ran through the information I was learning. Sensible and practical things that could be applied to our every day lives to minimise the shock of an economic collapse, extreme weather event or any of the other countless things that occur. I realised that I didn’t need to pack up and move to mountains or make major changes to my life. I started to write notes and make practical guides. I documented the mistakes I made and what to do differently next time. I created a source of information that made sense to me or to someone in my circumstance.

There must be other people out there that this would help? How many times had I felt like giving up throughout this journey? I want to give you those practical and achievable prepping techniques.

The Box Prepper Guy

I hope I can help guide you through the difficult stages you’ll face, avoid easy mistakes and continue on this Prepping journey together.


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