How to Survive the Heat while Bugging In

How to Survive the Heat while Bugging In UK Prepping Box Prepper

How to Survive the Heat while Bugging In

Although hot weather and heat waves in the UK aren’t too much of a problem in general, statistics show that year on year they are on the rise.

We’re going to take a look at keeping cool and how to cool down a room cool too.

How to Cool Down

Whether you are bugging in in an urban environment or are out in rural areas, there are things you can prepare now that will greatly reduce the indoor heat.


Fans are a great addition in any home during hot weather.

Keep the air circulating through your home as much as possible.

Think about air flow and try to move the air from one side of your home to the other.

Although you should shield your windows from sunlight, having some open at either end of your home with fans in between to assist air flow will help greatly.

Air Conditioning

If you are lucky enough to have air conditioning then make sure it is running and serviced.

Proper insulation will greatly help the effectiveness of your air conditioning and keep a room cooler for longer.

Of course proper insulation also has the added benefit of providing an energy efficient home all year round.

Reflecting Sunlight

Keep the sunlight out of your home is crucial to keeping the heat down.

Closing the curtains is the simplest thing to do.

At the very least, close the curtains where the sunlight shines thorough strongest in the morning and at mid-day.

A better idea is to properly reflect the sunlight away.

You can purchase sun reflectors for windows that will do a great job of this.

You have probably more commonly seen them in car windscreens but they can be used just as well at home.

The most cost effective way of doing this however is to back thick cardboard with aluminium foil and place those in your windows instead.

Are You Cool?

Heat exhaustion and hyperthermia can take a long time to recover from and requires little or no activity for twenty four hours.

There are a few more things here to remember on how to survive the heat while bugging in.

  • Stay Indoors and in the shade as much as possible.
  • Don’t over exert yourself. Your body will not function as well in high temperatures.
  • Eat little and often.
  • Stay hydrated. Your body’s natural way of cooling down is to sweat so drinking water is more important than ever.
  • Check your family is doing this too!


(Ref: Hadley Centre Central England Temperature (HadCET) dataset)


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