How to Make an Emergency Car Kit

How to Make an Emergency Car Kit UK Prepping Box Prepper

How to Make an Emergency Car Kit

We looked previously at your EDC (Every Day Carry) items here – Don’t Leave Home Without it

For those of us with a vehicle however it is worth taking advantage of the added space to carry a few more things.

You may well get stuck out there while travelling due to weather or disruption so it is worth preparing for the worst.

The items in your car survival kit are intended to help you get back to your home where you can then either decide whether you need to Bug Out or Bug in.

Basic Car Repair

You may or may not know your way around an engine and you may in fact have roadside recovery.

In case of local disaster or extreme bad weather it’s doubtful that you will be able to get any assistance quickly.

It would be difficult to carry every tool a mechanic would have in your emergency tool kit but here is a few essential items for you to have.

  • Screwdrivers – Flat and Phillips style
  • Adjustable wrenches – One large and One small
  • Pliers – Regular and needle nose
  • The correct oil for your car (check the correct type first.)
  • WD-40
  • Jumper Cables
  • Puncture Emergency Repair Foam
  • A Foot Pump
  • Spare fuses
  • Water (in addition to your drinking water)
  • Spare Tyre
  • Car Jack

If you’re lucky enough to have a mobile and data coverage then Google the vehicles symptoms and possibly check for any handy how to videos for diagnoses and quick repair.

Remember if the engines not running you won’t be able to charge your phone effectively from the car so remember to preserve mobile battery life.

Personal Essentials

Depending on the severity of the situation you could be stuck for up to three days.

It is worth taking a look at the Three Day Bugging In and Three Day Bugging Out posts.

Here however is a list of other items that you should be carrying in your Bug Out Bag for the car.

  • Spare Blankets
  • A Radio that takes batteries or a Wind Up Radio.
  • A Torch that takes batteries or a Wind Up Torch.
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Duct Tape
  • Waterproofs
  • A Small Shovel
  • A change of Footwear
  • An Emergency Whistle
  • Extra Cash including change
  • Car First Aid Kit

Family Essentials

As always, you need to think about you may be travelling with you at the time.

  • The kids will need entertaining so any small travel games will help.
  • Baby wipes, Baby Food, Formula or nappies?
  • Pets may need feeding.
  • Family members may need prescription medicine.

Bug In the Car or Bug Out

If the reason you are stuck is due to bad weather and you can stay in the car, then stay in the car.

Bad weather comes with it’s own problems and your car provides you with shelter.

It’s also easier to locate should help be on it’s way.

Hopefully this has shown you how to make an emergency car kit but please leave any comments if there is something you think is an essential carry item that isn’t already listed.


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