How to Survive the Cold while Bugging In

How to Survive the Cold while Bugging In UK Prepping Box Prepper

How to Survive the Cold while Bugging In

It will be of no surprise to you that in the UK we are used to the cold and snow.

Sub zero conditions and snow showers are not unusual from the end of Autumn up until the start of Spring.

Occasionally however these bad spells of weather can become extreme, causing us to have to stay indoors as travel becomes impossible and at times even life threatening.

As the roads become unsafe to drive on, food supplies to your local supermarket become disrupted as do fuel supplies.

The result is mass panic buying which has also lead to looting in some circumstances.

Remember if the roads grind to a halt for you, they also grind to a halt for the Emergency services.

If you can stay indoors, then stay indoors.

Surviving cold weather and heavy snow outdoors has enough dangers of it’s own.

Power loss can accompany bad weather so now is the time to check what you have prepared.

Remember a loss of power in many situations can also result in no land line or mobile phone coverage.

It means that your central heating or electric fire will not be switching on any time soon.

Beat the Crowds

You should already have your Three Day Survival Plan in place but now it’s time to ready a few extra things.

If you have time to get to a supermarket before a storm then go now.

As a BoxPrepper you know that what a lot of people may leave on the shelf may be the best thing to grab now.

These include batteries for your radio, torches and lamps.

Fuel for your lantern and candles.

Matches to light them.

Extra blankets and warm clothing.

Canned food and long life products that require little preparation.

Paper plates and plastic cutlery in case the water stops.

If the water is still running and you need more water storage then look for containers to fill even if all the bottled water has already been sold out.

If you have time to go to the garage and fill up on petrol then that is your next stop.

Also fill up any suitable petrol cans making sure to store them correctly.

A bottle of anti freeze would be a sensible purchase too to avoid any cracks in your cars radiator.

Get Home, Get Ready

Charge all of your devices and get your prepping gear in a place where it is easily accessible.

Get clear of any dirty clothes that need washing and make sure the dishes are done.

Although this is just basic housework, you will certainly be thankful for clean clothes and cookware should the taps stop running.

Power Cut

If you have a generator or are using gas stoves then they must be positioned outside.

Make no mistake, Carbon Monoxide kills. It is a deadly odourless gas and you should never put you or your family at risk.

If you have wood burner of fire place with a working chimney then ready your tinder, fire starting equipment and fuel now.

If you have no extra fuel source then we need to start thinking about keeping your bug in area as insulated as possible.

Close all windows and doors.

Close and cover the windows as best as possible especially at night.

Stuff cloth or any insulating material under closed doors to keep the heat in.

Choose the most insulated room in your house and stay in there.

Is it Safe?

Stay indoors, stay fed, hydrated and warm.

Only venture out when you know that it is safe.

Tune in to radio stations to find out how the situation is outside.

Remember it will take a while for the situation to improve even after the extreme cold is over.

Fuel may still be unobtainable and food may still be scarce so do not put your family or yourself in any risky situations.


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