Don’t Leave Home Without It – Every Day Carry (EDC)

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

Here’s a quick list of suggested items you should be carrying around with you an a daily basis.

More commonly known as your EDC gear or Every Day Carry.

Your EDC bag is for when your Bug Out bag isn’t to hand and you get caught short away from home.

A few essentials to help you get back to safety:

Your Purse or wallet

Your credit/debit cards, drivers licence and emergency contact information should be in here.

If you haven’t already, write down telephone numbers of a few emergency contacts and keep that safe in your wallet.

£20.00 – £40.00 hidden in a compartment will get you out of trouble should a cash machine become inaccessible.

Your Mobile Phone

Keep it charged and turn off any apps or services (bluetooth, GPS, data) until you need them to preserve battery life.

If you have no reception then turn it off and check again later when your in a better reception area.

A Torch

A small torch, wind up or battery powered can provide you with light when needed.


500ml – 1000ml of water will keep you hydrated long enough until you can find a better source of drinking water.

If you find a clean source of water then take a drink and fill that bottle back up.


Energy is important, even if it just enough to keep you going you should carry some trail mix or Kendal Mint Cake.

When you get hungry you don’t think clearly so this will keep you sharp and ready.

Small First Aid Kit

Pain relief tablets, Allergy relief, Anti-Diarrhoea tablets and any prescription medicine.

A Multi Tool

Be aware of UK law and what you can carry. Having a multi tool with a folding blade no longer than two inches may be more acceptable than anything else. I will look at UK law and pocket knives in a later blog.

Pen and Paper

If you are or become disorientated then making notes will certainly help your memory.

I’d also recommend a marker pen in your EDC kit in case you need to make any signs to aid recovery.

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