Don’t Panic! Prepping Tips

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Don’t Panic! Prepping Tips

Learning from experience is a great tool to use but these Prepping tips and advice might save you from some easy mistakes.

Get Out There

You have started to get Prepping supplies you need to Bug In . Now you’re getting a few things you need to Bug Out.

When you get chance you should go and test them out in the field.

This is as much about getting the prepping and survival skills you need as it is about making sure that the items you have do what you expect.

Have a Variety of Food

Storing food is an essential part of Prepping. Too much of the same thing can get tired after a couple of days or weeks.

Apart from boring your taste buds, you should also think about your survival food nutrients and what your body needs on a daily basis.

A few treats like biscuits or chocolate stored away will be welcomed in a SHTF situation. So will a little seasoning, tea and coffee.

Store Your Food Right

Buying emergency food that will last for as long as possible is a sensible option as is storing is correctly.

A cool dark and dry place is the best place to ensure that any stored foods are kept well.

Check Your Stores at least Once a Month.

You need to be sure that your stocks are ready for when you need to prepare food.

This is also the time to check BBE and expiry dates (more on that later.)

Having a look at what you have is the perfect chance to make note of what you need.

Use Your Stores at least Once a Month

If you usually cook for yourself or the family, chances are you’ll be preparing food that’s fresh from the fridge or from the freezer for at least a few of your meals ingredients.

I would strongly recommend you start to get use to using your prep food as quickly as possible.

This will give you an idea of preparation time and how it tastes.

Don’t Panic!

As long as your doing something, getting your stores little by little, putting some time aside to prepare space, reading up and acquiring new skills then your doing more than most.

It may seem like a daunting task but being a Box Prepper can be very rewarding and is a practical way to spend your spare time.


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