A Three Day Survival Plan – Bugging Out

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A Three Day Survival Plan – Bugging Out

This is continuation from a previous post: A Three Day Survival Plan – Bugging In

We are going to take a look at the most basic things an adult or family requires in addition over a 72 hour period while Bugging out and what should be in your Survival Kit.


Four litres of water per person per day is a lot to consider while Bugging out.

If you have transport then it may be feasible to store enough for that initial three day period.

You may however want to consider methods to purify water and filter water on the go.


A Camping gas stove is a luxury but one I would recommend for your emergency kit.

Apart from that well packaged dried food would be the first best choice.

It is light, easy to store and may be able to eat it straight from the pack after it has been prepared.

Have some disposable knives, forks and spoons to hand and small sachets of salt and pepper.

Hand sanitisers are a simple thing to pack and a real help when you’re on the move.

If you are a coffee drinker then a couple of small sachets of your favourite beverage are worth remembering.

Have you thought about any family pets? If you plan to have them with you that they have food too.

Do you have any younger kids or babies in the family? Make sure you have a stock of formula or long lasting child friendly food such as dried fruit.


In addition to the basic wood and kindling you will need a few extras in your emergency bag.

Fire lighters are a blessing when your out and about and trying to get a small fire lit.

Cotton wool balls covered in petroleum jelly stored in an air tight tin are my go to solution in this situation.


A tent or a tarp will offer some basic protection against the elements.

If you and your family are keen campers then you may already have the items you will need.

You won’t however need all of the items you’d take on a family holiday so separate them out ready to just the essentials should you need to pick up and go.


A good set of waterproofs would be the first thing to pack.

Keeping the water away will save you a lot of discomfort.

You won’t know what the weather will be like on the day so pack plenty of layers to allow you to be versatile enough to cope with Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Keeping in Touch

Your mobile phone is usually to hand but how long will it last?

Turn off any data transfer, bluetooth, wifi or GPS as soon as possible. You can always turn them back on when you need them.

Take a USB charger to keep the phone charged and if any with you has a phone turn it off. Just keep one on at a time.

The phone lines may be down but chances are you will still be able to receive Radio transmissions.

A portable radio with AM/MW/LW as well as FM will improve your ability to get updates on any news as it happens.

As with a hand cranked torch, a hand cranked radio is a good investment. Otherwise make sure you have replacement batteries for your radio.

A little music can be an uplifting resource too when you have chance.

First Aid

I will want to go into more depth about First Aid kits and what should be in them later.

The essentials however should include bandages, ointment, anti-histamines and plasters.

Think about who will be with you and stock extra prescription medicines, tampons or nappies as needed.

A simple thing to remember is a bar of soap.

If you are treating yourself or any one else then you will need clean hands to do it.

Duct Tape

This item is so important it deserves it’s own section!

There is so many uses for duct tape when you’re bugging out I’m not even going to list them here.

You’ll know when you need it and you’ll miss it if you don’t have it!


Putting a fiver aside every now and then is highly recommended. When people panic they will head to the local cash machine and withdraw all they can.

If the power has gone out or the phone lines are down then withdrawing money or paying for food may not be quite so easy.

An emergency bundle of money will help massively in any Bug out situation.

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