A Three Day Survival Plan – Bugging In

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A Three Day Survival Plan – Bugging In

To survive without access to your usual daily amenities such as running water, electricity or transport, what would you actually need?

Here we’re going to take stock of the basic survival kit an adult or family requires over a 72 hour period while bugging in.

I will add another blog at a later date which will highlight additional preparedness should you need to bug out.


4 litres of emergency water per person per day is the minimum amount I would recommend to have at hand.

Of course you will want it to drink but you will also need it for cooking and basic well being.


Prepared dried food that has been stored well is your first and best choice for emergency preparedness.

If you are bugging in however, it makes perfect sense to eat any perishables first.

If you have a chest freezer, fill any empty spaces with bottled water and food from the fridge.

This will keep everything fresher, longer and give you time to prepare for the time ahead.

Variety is important although much more important when thinking of long term food storage.


A fire is the logical choice for both cooking, boiling water, light at night and a way to keep warm.

If you have somewhere for a fire then a store of dry wood and kindling as well as something to get it lit.

I would strongly recommend a camping gas stove too with at least six standard gas canisters on hand.

They are hassle free and as long as they are maintained, reliable and quick to use when needed most.


A bag of small candles is a good place to start along with a couple of good lighters and matches stored with your other survival items.

This will at the very least provide a little light to allow you to function when all the house and street lights are out.

A wind up torch is the next thing to have at hand, allowing you to perform any tasks in the dark.

It is always worth having a good battery powered torch too and a good stock of batteries to keep it alight but a wind up torch will always function as long as someone can crank a little power into it.

A lantern is my number one choice for light which will provide enough light to illuminate any small space well.

Be sure to have enough paraffin stored away and also make sure that it is the right type of paraffin.

We want to make sure that it is out of reach and isn’t giving off any toxic fumes.

Remember Safety first while dealing with any open flames especially when family members are present.


As this part of the Three Day Survival Plan is for bugging in, I will assume that this is all you really need to focus on in the first instance.

The next part will include some basics you will also need to think of should you have to bug out.

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