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Make Some Space

One of the misconceptions we chatted about in a previous post is that people think they don’t have the space to store their prepping gear.

Do you Hoard?

When you have limited space it is worth taking a little time to have a look at what you may be hoarding.

Some things you may want to keep such as reading material and board games should you ever really need to bug-in for a long period of time and the power is out.

But do you really need the clothes you never wear or the DVD you haven’t watched for years?

Do you have an food that’s expired or junk you forgotten you’d kept?

If you have anything you’ve not touched in the last twelve months it’s time to get rid.

Put some time aside and work from room to room.

Step by Step

A methodical approach is best concentrating on one room at a time.

The kitchen would be my first choice.This will also give you the chance to take stock of the food you have available, how long there expiry dates are and if you need all of the large utensils you’ve got gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.

A utility room, the space under the stairs or garage would be next as these are the places forgotten junk likes to be found.

These two out of the way and then you can look at your bedroom. Ideally clear out the space under the bed, a couple of drawers in a dresser or have an empty wooden box hidden safely away in your wardrobe.

Cash In

I’m not suggesting that everything need go to land fill or even in the recycling bin.

It may be worth using cash you could make selling bits online. This will put a little money aside for the prepping items you need.

The other thing to do of course is to make more space. One empty cupboard or the space under a bed is a good place to start.

A space under the stairs or a utility room would be ideal place to put up some sturdy shelves.

The frugal amongst us may look to re-purpose what we already have although there are plenty of space saving solutions available.

Where ever you decide to store your essential prepping items I would always recommend a cool dark place for any food items to increase their longevity.


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