Prepping Misconceptions

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Prepping Misconceptions

A lot of the time we never start prepping because of myths and excuses.

The self imagined misconceptions and possibly negative comments from those you talk with can set you back weeks or even worse stop you from getting started all together.

We all need to start somewhere and the first step is key.

So let’s focus on some of those doubts you may be harbouring…..

“I don’t have the space to store what I need!”

It is surprising once you declutter a bit how much space you can find.

I’ll look at decluttering in a little more depth at a later time but to start with, all you need is a cupboard or a box.

” I need somewhere to escape to like a cabin or retreat to do this properly!”

There a two rules of thought when it comes to Prepping. Bugging out and bugging in. ie. Going somewhere safe or staying at home.

Personally I see value in preparing for both but Bugging In is where I suggest everyone starts.

If you’re prepared at home first, you are much more likely to be able to ride out the situation or have the things at hand should you need to head out to find safety.

“Preppers are a bit nuts aren’t they?”

Preppers are people. People who value self sufficiency when it matters most and want to be sure that those around them will be looked after in case of emergencies.

My own point of view is that you would have to be a little nutty if you didn’t prep at all.

I remember the fuel crisis here in the UK when the Petrol Stations ran dry.

There was queues at every single one, people getting frantic, panic buying a supermarkets because no-one knew how long it would last and if the food supply may stop as a result.

As it happened after a short while everything was back to normal.

What if it had been another week?

What if it had been another two weeks?

This is just one scenario of disaster that could happen at any time and unfortunately one of many.

When everyone else is going nuts, you will be ready.

“I don’t have time to Prep!”

Do you have time to watch TV or play games on your games console?

Do you have time to scan through social media or read blogs? (It’s okay, you can read through this one 😉 )

If so just put a little of that time aside for making a Prep plan.

Thankfully is here to make it a little simpler for you.

It is a satisfying and rewarding pastime which many enjoy and hopefully these site will help you get rid of any prepping misconceptions.

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