Why Should you Prep?

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Why Should You Prep?

2008 saw one of the worst slumps in global economy. It has lead to shop closures, families losing their homes and livelihoods.

It has highlighted how fragile our financial security can be both personally and as a society.

Whereas this is the latest financial depression in recent times it has happened throughout modern history numerous times.

This is usually due to the poor decisions made by people in power. They either don’t realise the consequences of their actions or simply don’t care.

So it’s not a question of whether it will happen again, rather when will it happen again?

Other Considerations

Man made disaster aside we also need to consider the natural world.

Globally every day we see tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires or tornado’s destroying peoples communities, the infrastructure of towns and cities , peoples lives being threatened.

At here at home in the UK we see devastating severe weather, flooding villages, wind ripping through homes, power cuts. These all lead to the disruption in our daily lives, our families security and well being.

The Status Quo

It’s easy to and most people do, live their lives from day to day. They aren’t thinking about what would happen if the status quo were to stop.

Would you be able to rely on the government or the system if the food chain were to be disrupted for even a few days?

If the local supermarket shelves were stripped bare due to mass panic buying?

When the petrol stations run dry and the roads ground to a halt for even a week?

If there was a communications blackout or a major power cut?

So Why Should I Prep?

Prepping is your insurance. It’s insurance you can afford those closest to you.

It is taking charge and for me personally is a way to ensure the safety of my family should the worst come to the worst.


I hope you’ll take some time to look through our Box Prepper site and I  hope you’ll find something of value.

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